Auctions in August - Instructions

Bidding Rules

Online items have staggered closing times. (Please note the time for the item that you are bidding on for the online auction.) 

  • There will be a 30 minute time frame when all bids will be silent.
  • The silent time is listed for each item on the website. Before the 30 minute silent period begins, the highest and last bid will be posted for bidders to see. 
  • Bidders will have one last opportunity to place their highest bid during the last 30 minutes. 
  • All bids placed at this time are private. In case of a tie bid during the silent time, the bidder who placed in the first bid will be the winner.
  • Winners’ names will be posted on the AUCTIONSINAUGUST.COM website as soon as results are confirmed. 

Bid Today

Value of Items

The value of items are determined by the donor and not by Gulf Coast Bank.  

View & Search Available Items

  • Select a branch location or category from the drop down box.
  • Please select  "Online Bidding" in the branch drop down box if you would like to view all items available for online bidding. 
  • If you would like to view recently added items or all items, you may select "Recent" or "All" next to the Item No. field. Search for items based on category, non-profit, keyword, item number, or by the nickname you designated on any previous bids.
  • Once your search results populate, you can sort the items by non-profit, closing date, donor, item number, last bid, location, name, or value.
  • When you search by item number, only enter the number and not the letters, i.e. search for "2" not "ON-2"

Items Won

  • If you won an item, you will be contacted by a branch representative for payment and pick up.
  • Winners are responsible for payment -- they can pay by check issued to the non-profit or cashier's check -- and picking up item(s) within 7 days following close of auction.
  • Cost of shipping item(s) is the responsibility of the winning bidder if applicable after payment is received.